My story

Meet Hailey

Hailey’s Hair Elastics started in 2013 because I couldn't find a hair elastic thick enough to hold my hair, and I was a restless 11-year-old entrepreneur!!

I found these amazing hair elastics and I couldn’t keep these amazing bands a secret! I needed to share them with the world. I started selling them at local dance studios and fitness clubs as fundraising projects and people of all ages loved them, as they are great for ALL types of hair!!

Then I started to doing pop up shops and collaborations with different sites and stores and the hair elastic went viral. Now we ship over 100 colors around the world and schools use them for fundraising initiatives!!

I hope you love them as much as I do, Sometimes I even wear them as bracelets so that I am never without one! Try them for your next fundraiser or store, the packaging is super cute and we all know they are fewer calories than chocolate almond fundraisers!:)

Hailey Stern